The best way for Canadians to buy & sell bitcoin “quick, simple, secure”
 “Finally getting cryptocurrency conveniently to the masses” 
  • Own and operate a network of Cryptocurrency ATM’s
    • Developing proprietary trade technology to for real time ATM purchase settlement


ConnectedCoin is a Vancouver based company with a focus on growing the bitcoin community across Canada. Our goal is to provide Canadians with a safe, easy and convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin. We believe bitcoin has the potential for continued growth and to be recognized globally as a mainstream currency.

How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

A bitcoin wallet will allow you to send and receive bitcoins using your mobile device. Download either the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet or Bread Wallet and follow the simple instructions to load and secure your funds.

Or simply create a paper wallet using the bitcoin ATM.

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Display your mobile wallet or paper

walletand scan your QR Code.


Insert Canadian currency.

Your bitcoin total will be displayed instantly

when notes are inserted.



Your bitcoin wallet will be

updated within seconds